About AgroInfoTech

AgroInfoTech is a social enterprise established with a primary purpose of adding value to agriculture and agribusiness in Africa leveraging on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) tools.

AgroInfoTech (e-agriculture) is a new scope and we are committed to use its services to change and evolve a positive atmosphere for agricultural stakeholders in Africa.

All the major stakeholders of the agricultural industry need information and knowledge about these phases to manage them efficiently. Any system applied for getting information and knowledge for making decisions in any industry should deliver accurate, complete, concise information in time or on time.

We provide information in user-friendly form, easy to access, cost-effective and well protected from unauthorized access. AgroInfoTech Africa is fully committed to add value to agri-business in Africa.

Our Aims & Objectives

  • To develop Information Technology based applications for agriculture development.
  • To work with major agricultural stakeholders, to effectively drive innovation and sustainable growth in the agricultural sector, to capture sustainable agricultural potentials in the African region.
  • Effectively working out agricultural strategies that will provide an atmosphere for boosting economic growth in Africa.
  • Africa’s agriculture is plagued by low productivity and food insecurity; we aim at the provision of different platforms that will promote sustainable agricultural development and generate economic growth and opportunities.
  • To form an alliance with global agricultural stakeholders to have a commitment to support initiatives, working to develop an investment blue print for agriculture and investigating opportunities for public-private partnerships.
  • To develop e-agriculture, focusing on the enhancement of agricultural and rural development through improved information communication process.

OUR Commitment

Our commitment is to ensure the application of the following Information and Communication applications to agriculture.

  • The application of office automations in agri-business.
  • The application of Knowledge Management System (KMS).
  • The application of E-learning to agriculture.
  • The application of e-commerce to agri-business.
  • The application of ICT for managing agricultural Resources and Services.
  • The application of CAM, CAD, GPS, GIS and Wireless Technologies to agriculture.
  • The application of Computer controlled devices (Automated Systems)